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* Since MCAS is DOS-based (which is faster & more reliable than Windows), it requires little RAM to operate (5 megabytes), and low processing power (a Pentium 75MHz or 486DX/4 100MHz processor). If you choose to disable the "CD buffering" feature as described in the "DISABLING CD BUFFERING" section to allow CD skipping, you only need 4 megabytes of RAM. 

* Your songs can be organized into folders (a folder for each album, each genre of music, etc.), allowing you to easily navigate from song to song, album to album, allowing instant access to any song in the MCAS system. All browsing and navigation control is performed with a numeric keypad and optional compatible LCD display. 

* If you have a large hard drive, you can organize your albums into "collections", then can browse through them via the optional LCD display. You then create simple PLAYLIST.M3U files to define song order, or MCAS can automatically make them for you based on tag information in your MP3 files. 

* While most of your music will reside on your computer's hard drive, MCAS provides full support for CDs, including plain MPEG CDs, MCAS-enhanced CDs (CD contains collections and PLAYLIST.M3U files for desired playing order & easy navigation), and audio CDs. MCAS automatically buffers the CD during playback, meaning that your songs will never "skip" when hitting bumps on the road. :) 

* The MCAS "memory" feature can automatically remember your position in the playlist, even after the car is turned off! The playlist resumes when MCAS is started again. Each collection has its own memory feature (even collections on "MCAS Ready!" CDs), so you'll never lose your place in a collection when moving between them. 

* MCAS can completely randomize your playlist, while retaining the original playlist order. Futhermore, MCAS can group songs by artist or album into "temporary playlists". For instance, you could tell MCAS only to play songs by Billy Joel, even if his songs are scattered all over your playlist. 

* MCAS can greet you each day, telling you the time, month, day, and year. It can also announce birthdays and special events occuring on a specified day. All of MCAS' voice messages can be easily replaced with your own samples, if desired. 

* A special "updater disk" can be used to easily tweak MCAS settings (such as mixer controls, adding new playlists, installing new songs, etc.), without requiring a monitor or keyboard or taking the computer out of your car. 

* MCAS automatically checks and corrects minor hard drive problems the first of each month. You can also thoroughly check the hard drive at any time to repair bad sectors on the hard drive. 

* Since MCAS is built upon QuickBASIC code and batch files, it is a very fast, powerful, and configurable system. If you know a how to program QuickBASIC and batch files, you can customize MCAS to suit your needs. All sources have been included.

Outside View

Console View

Trunk View