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Download the following files to install MCAS onto your car computer.  Have 5 blank disks ready, then double-click each file to create the MCAS installation disks.  Then simply insert them into your car computer, running the INSTALL program from DOS on each disk.


The first two disks contain the MCAS system files (mandatory), the third disk contains the Windows-based player (optional), and the forth and fifth disks contain the MCAS voice messages & prompts (optional).


Please note that MCAS system is FREE.  I have also included the source code so that you can change it as you wish.  Enjoy!

MCAS v4.0 Installation Disk 1 of 5

MCAS v4.0 Installation Disk 2 of 5

MCAS v4.0 Installation Disk 3 of 5

MCAS v4.0 Installation Disk 4 of 5

MCAS v4.0 Installation Disk 5 of 5

Service Pack (upgrades MCAS to version 4.1)


MCAS v5.0 BETA available!

Use the following file to upgrade your existing MCAS v4.0 or higher installation to MCAS v5.0 BETA!  Once you download the file, double-click it to create the upgrade disk.  This is a bootable disk that must be booted from your car computer to upgrade MCAS properly.  Simply insert the disk into your car computer, turn it on, then the upgrade will begin automatically.  Enjoy!


MCAS v5.0 BETA Upgrade From v4.0 / v4.1


MCAS v5.0 BETA Documentation


MCAS v5.0 BETA2 full distribution (untested)


Since these are beta releases, please let me know if you have any problems using this new version of MCAS.  Thanks!




Having trouble downloading?

If you are having trouble downloading MCAS using the above links, try the alternate download site here.  In addition to the MCAS installation disk images, you can also download the individual installation files that you can copy directly to your car computer.

Outside View

Console View

Trunk View